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Port of Valparaíso
(South America, Chile)
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Airport: Santiago de Chile SCL, 110km E. (70 Miles) E.
Taxi Santiago Airport - Cruise Terminal (Port of Valparaíso)
US$155. Reserve in advance

Transport Airport-Port
- Public Transport + Taxi
- www.airportshuttle.cl

- www.tours.ec

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The Valparaiso Cruise Terminal
The Valparaiso Cruise Terminal
The Valparaiso Cruise Terminal
The Valparaiso Cruise Terminal
The Valparaiso Cruise Terminal

The Port and Cruise Terminal of Valparaíso

The Port of Valparaíso (Chile) have a increasing number of cruises arriving every year. For the season of 2008-2009 are expected 47 ships arrivals. There is some dates (January 5th 2009) when 3 cruises arrives to the Port, opportunities when it is neccesary to reserve transport far in advance.

Cruises land in the port and passengers are transported in free shuttle buses to the Valparaíso Cruise Terminal.

Transport Santiago (Airport and City) - Valparaíso (City and Cruise Terminal)

You can see details about the Valparaíso Bus Terminal here, site that also contains videos. There is plenty of buses to Santiago, but you will need to walk a long way (unsafe) ot take a taxis.

If your ship arrives in the morning and your flight leaves at midday, be strongly suggest to reserve prviously and take in a private transport as you need to be at the airport with 3 hours in advance. The Terminal it is extremely efficient, but sometimes the cruise companies are slow to disembark passengers.

- Vans and Taxis:
- In Chile taxis are small for US Standards and furthermore, cruise passengers from the US normally travel with two big suitcases each, using at maximum the 2 pieces of xx pounds rule in airlines. Europeans are used to travel with no more that 20kgs per person. The maximum that can travel confortably in a taxi are 2 persons with two suitcases eac, at least one of them will go in the front seat. Inthe case of minibuses (van) that have capacity for 11 persons, the maximum it is 4 (may be 5) persons. In order to offer a lower cost, some vans transport more peple and put their baggage on the roof, those are something to avoid.
- Inside Valparaiso or Viña del Mar you can move easily by taxi, but they are muhc more expensive than in Santiago.

Port of Valparaiso
Cruises docks at 4 possible locations at the port
Espigon 1 Sitio 4
Sitio 5
At the Arrival Shutle Buses are waiting for the disembarkment for transfer to the Valparaiso Cruise Terminal
They go via Muelle Prat
Arrives to Cruise Terminal
Arrivals at the Cruise Terminal
Security Check
Waiting Area
Information Desk
Baggage Delivery
Sometimes baggage is taken by other passengers, fill a report an also give local phone numbers, if you still will continue your stay in Chile
Waiting Area
During the Day there is free shuttLe buses between cruises and Cruise Terminal
Alternative Transport and Official Transport when Terminal receives 3 cruises
Some Suggestions
- If you are in a hurry do not take any risks and have previously reserved your private transport.
- Check how many cruises are at the port the same day, sometimes there is 3 and there is not enough vehicules to provide services.
Valparaíso - Chile
(56-9) 8764.0545
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